The perfect spot.

Getting that lounge perfect was a big investment. They may just look like a few sofas and chairs, but depending on the day, they’re seats, beds, tables, footrests, and even trampolines. The inevitable spills, scuffs, scratches, and worse, leave you wanting to throw it all out and start again. But that’d be a huge waste. With Transformations TRUE RENEW,™ you can stop replacing your furniture and start recovering it. This seating will last 5 to 7 times as long and cost a fraction of the investment. And rather than wasting time and money, you can move on to something better.

Looking to do a whole room?
Meet the Benchmark family.

Square Ottoman

BK-24S-UPH | W 24" D 24"

Round Ottoman

BK36R-LT | W 36" D 36"

Oval Ottoman

BK2448-OV-UPH | W 48" D 24"

Rectangle Ottoman

BK2448-UPH | W 48" D 24"

Round Table

BK24R-LT | W 24" D 24" H 33.5"

You’ve Got to See It To Believe It

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