Knox Sectional

The perfect spot.

Place the Knox sectional in your space and watch people gather for meetups, group work projects or just to hang out and watch the game together. Bringing the comfort of home to your environment, this piece is built with the highest level of construction and features a 35-year warranty. So it’s basically like a hug that lasts forever. In true Transformations style, we’ve equipped the Knox with 100% renewable upholstered seating.

Looking to do a whole room?
Meet the Knox Sectional family.

Single Seat

KX-S1 | W 28" D 39" H 36"

Double Seat

KX-S2 | W 54" D 39" H 36"

Triple Seat

KX-S3 | W 80" D 39" H 36"

Single-Seat w/Left Arm

KX-S1LA | W 37" D 39" H 36"

Single-Seat w/Right Arm

KX-S1RA | W 37" D 39" H 36"

Double-Seat w/Left Arm

KX-S2LA | W 63" D 39" H 36"

Double-Seat w/Right Arm

KX-S2RA | W 63" D 39" H 36"

Triple-Seat w/Left Arm

KX-S3LA | W 89" D 39" H 36"

Triple-Seat w/Right Arm

KX-S3RA | W 89" D 39" H 36"

Corner Seat

KX-CNR | W 39" D 39" H 36"

You’ve Got to See It To Believe It

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