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You are proud of your spaces. Designed to be used and to serve, they provide a comfortable foundation to launch learning and relationships and memories. And then they get used, and abused, and destroyed. All of a sudden, the spaces are avoided because, well, eww. So do you need to start over? Has the lifespan of the space ended so quickly? Don’t you worry! With Transformations TRUE RENEW.™ your spaces can be restored and life can resume. Something broken? Replace just that part. Covers stained? Swap it with a clean piece in minutes.

15 Year Warranty

Looking to do a whole room?
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RY-C-TX | W 37.5" D 34" H 35"


RY-L-TX | W 56.5" D 34" H 35"


RY-S-TX | W 79.75" D 34" H 35"


RY-O | W 28.5" D 22"

Available Options

Feet Options
Misc Options

CA 113

Moisture Barrier

Security Straps

You’ve Got to See It To Believe It

We’d love to visit your facility and brainstorm some of the ways we can breathe life into your lounges, lobbies and common areas. Provide your contact info below, and a member of our team will be in touch.